to my brotherI know a person who born early ona day than me . I like to call him " brother ". I 辦公室出租want him to be my brother. I can be his sister . Would I ? I would . He really a good brother. He 小型辦公室is special and important for me . No one con instead of him . He is only one . I like him very 東森房屋much . He is wonderful . I do not have any strange idea to him . We just good friends . I do not 租房子why. Why they think us by mistake ? He takes good care of me. I am happy I have a nice brother. I 信用卡代償really want to study with him in the same school . I hope he will be happiness forever. In the 信用貸款feture , we are also good friends. By the way, I miss Fly very much. 這是之前一篇文的英文版 在上課房屋貸款時候寫的 我不懂為什麼大家只看表面 不能想單純一點嗎 最後一句 事我的遺憾 憲在就算我寫了再多的文 值得東森房屋與之分享的人卻已不再 從前還有人會幫我找錯誤 現在 這麼醜的 我就寫上來了 因為 值得在乎的已經消逝婚禮佈置 

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